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  • Mocha White Hip Klip is the perfect way to carry your cellphone and essentials.  Going for a walk, take your hip klip with you.
  • Walking your dog, jogging - no matter what you are doing, carry your phone, your credit cards and money, and lipstick, in your hip clip. This Bamboo Hip Klip is trendy.
  • Keep your Hip Klip loaded with your necessary things like your cellphone, lipstick, money and credit cards, and you are good to go anywhere anytime. Black Hip Klip is chic and attaches to your waistband so that your hands are free.
  • Be hands free and stylish with your Leopard Hip Klip which clips onto your waistband.  This is an ideal gift.
  • Moonlight Hip Klip looks great with blacks and denims, filled with your needed items, you can go anywhere and have your hands free.
  • Peace, Love and Happiness Hip Klip.  You will be at peace, happy and in love with your Hip Klip when all you need is your most important items like cellphone, lipstick, keys, money and credit card.
  • Pink Hibiscus Hip Klip allows you to be hands free and pretty.  Load your main items like cellphone, money, credit cards and keys into your Hip Klip, clip it to your clothes, and you are ready to go.
  • Sand Dollar Hip Klip is so attractive and when it has your required items only and is attached to your waistband, you will look and feel free to use your hands.
  • Girly Swirls Hip Klip is so fashionable.  Look good and have all your most important things right on your hip.
  • Urban Grunge Hip Klip will look trendy and you will feel great with only your most essential things like your cellphone, credit cards and money and do not forget your keys - they all fit into your trendy Hip Klip which clips onto your jeans.
  • White Swirls Hip Klip packed with your cellphone, keys, money and credit cards, attached to your clothes, is the way to go wherever you go
  • Whispy Hip Klip.  Stylish look.
  • Attach your Hip Klip to your bikini
  • Take only your essentials, your money and credit card and ID when you are shopping
  • Walking your dog with your Hip Klip.  Carry your poopie bags and your doggie treats
  • At the Gym have your essentials on you
  • Shopping.  You can walk away from your shopping cart because you have your essentials on you.
  • Traveling is ideal with Hip Klip
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Hip Klip Corner Pockets Best Cell Phone Purse.


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Product Description

Nifty HIP KLIP corner pocket, cell phone purse - be hands free. Hip clip attaches to your waistband, is sometimes called a hip clip bag, a hip clip purse, a hip clip pocket purse or hip pouch, and is an ideal cellphone purse which can add a pocket to your workout clothes - it’s a mini/miniature purse to carry your cellphone and essentials.  Often called a hip bag or hip purse, this pocket cell phone pouch is the answer when all you need are your essentials. This is Hip Klip and Pocket Accessory - the clip-on mini-purse + key chain, cell phone purse. Hip Klip is a 'gotta have it' trendy and unique product.

NO POCKETS - NO PROBLEM ... NO BELT LOOPS - NO PROBLEM. The nifty HIP KLIP has an open pocket on one side for your cell phone, and a zipper pocket on the other and is ideal for carrying your cell phone and essentials, like money, credit cards, lipstick, keys, insulin pump, inhaler etc, even your golf tees. You do NOT need belt loops or pockets, simply attach the nifty KLIP to the waistband of your clothes or the side of your purse. Because the nifty HIP KLIP has a grommet, no matter which way you bend, your nifty HIP KLIP will always be at a 90 degree angle (unless you are upside-down).

Use your nifty HIP KLIP cell phone purse if you are going for a walk or a jog; hiking, walking your dog to carry your dog treats and poop bags, if you are shopping and want the freedom to walk away from your cart; going to the gym; traveling; going to night clubs; going to the beach etc.

The nifty HIP KLIP cell phone purse pocket, cellphone pouch, comes standard with one nifty clip, but can be worn with two clips. When wearing your hip clip cell phone purse with 2 clips, always face the open pocket to your body. The nifty pocket measures approx 5.25 inches by 5.25 inches and is made of cotton canvas.

This hip pocket bag/cell phone holder/money holder IS NIFTY AND HANDS FREE, a nifty accessory and a useful gift - a great hands free option, a cell phone holder that will attach to your jeans and is a great way to carry your cell phone around the house.  Why not free your hands? A clever way to carry your cell phone, credit cards, keys and essentials. You do not even need a cell phone because the Nifty Hip Klip cell phone purse will carry your essentials when you have no pockets or belt loops.  This is where to find the Hip Klip/Clip Cell phone purse.


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Product Videos

Hip Klip And Pocket Accessory Cell Phone Purse WOW Video (00:36)
Hip Klip And Pocket Accessory Corner Pocket available at http://nifty-nifty.com/hip-klips. If all you need is your cellphone, credit cards, some money and your keys, be hands free with your Hip Klip Corner Pocket which attaches to your waistband. No need for pockets or belt loops. You can even clip it inside your purse. It's a strong clip, withstands 100 lb force. Perfect for traveling, shopping, walking your dog, when you are in your office, taking a walk, at the gym or at the beach, at a club, and anywhere else. Comes in a variety of stylish colors and designs. Get your now while we have FREE SHIPPING USA & CANADA. This girly purse/pocket makes an ideal gift
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  1. Love my Extra Pocket

    Posted by Judy on 11th Jun 2013

    I don't know what I ever did before I purchased my Hip Klip corner pocket. I'd go walking and don't have pockets in a lot of my slacks/shorts etc so was always carrying my MP3 player as I love to listen to music while walking or even a good book. So when I first found the Hip Klip I was even happier to also see the corner pocket, and others as this gave me the extra pocket when I needed one. Now I plan to purchase another one that is a little more classy of a design as I bought the flip flops as it was for walking but I can see using an extra pocket when I go out in the evening for dinner but don't think flip flops would be quite appropriate. Thank you for a great product.

  2. Great Product!

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jan 2013

    What a terrific idea, a pouch that clips to clothing. Well manufactured, durable. I have shown it to many at the care home, I expect to see more being worn here.

  3. Love It

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Nov 2012

    It works perfectly for my needs, at the Nascar track, walking the dogs in the city orin the woods. I have my id and cell phone with me wherever I go.

  4. It's part of me

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Nov 2012

    I wear my Nifty Hip Clip every day, since my pockets are too small for a phone. I would be lost without it, so I have a second one to wear while one is being washed. I have given several as gifts and everyone has been thrilled to have one.

  5. Never Falls Out

    Posted by Louise on 28th Jun 2012

    I love this smaller size, corner pocket. It hangs in a diamond shape and because of the way it is made, it swivels with my movements. The tip of my iPhone sticks out but I can place it sideways and it's fine. I love that it's small and compact yet I can put all my important stuff into it. It's perfect for my morning walks.

  6. Too Small!

    Posted by gsp on 19th Jun 2012

    I was disappointed with the size of this product. I think it's going to be too small for my use.

  7. Great little purse/pocket

    Posted by Unknown on 20th May 2012

    I bought the small one and it is great for those few little things I need to carry and don't have a pocket avail.

  8. Hands Free to hold my goodies

    Posted by Teresa Encintas, California on 13th May 2012

    I just purchased a Hip Klip in Carlsbad, and I love it. I put my doggie treats and keys into it. I wear it on my hip and I don't feel it at all while I am walking my dog.

  9. Fantastic Gift

    Posted by Linda on 13th May 2012

    I saw Hip Klip at a fair and I liked the idea. I got a few and gave them as a Mothers Day Gift to my mother, my mother-in-law, and sister and they were a hit. If you are looking for a gift, I recommend this.

  10. Extra Pocket

    Posted by Anne B on 13th May 2012

    Hip Klip works for me because most of my exercise clothes do not have pockets. I walk every day and I prefer to have my cellphone with me when I walk because you never know when you may need it. Hip Klip is a perfect size for my cellphone, ID and a few dollars.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 16 | Next

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